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July 2, 2012 at 2:02 pm (Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Work)

Been running a Warhammer 40k league at work, it’s going well, it actually gives me a nice excuse to actually use my stuff rather than just sit there doing nothing. My Grey Knights are doign decently, and while I don’t fully know the “cheese” way of doing things with them, I really just wanted to do a funish list, and that was having only 3 models for 400 points which turned out to be Draigo + paladin + paladin. Went 2/1/1 (w/l/d) in the first month, so it worked to a point but the moment I get overwhelmed, I’m pretty screwed, also constant shooting against me isn’t very either since I’m bound to fail something.

Starting up a Warhammer fantasy league this month as well, I decided to do a My Little Pony themed army, and so I’m going to be using Bretonnia (despite me having 3k points of Dark Elves) because they have a lot of horses, and pegasi. I’ll have pictures on my dA page.

Obviously work is going well, I really don’t have complaints other than the occasional annoying customer, child tantrums, etc, but I’m pretty sure a lot of that just comes with the retail territory. Overall MUCH beter than my old job, and my opinion actually matters and I feel like I’m actually listened to and I get credit for doing stuff.

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I really fail at this whole blogging thing…

January 12, 2012 at 11:27 am (Board Games, General, Video Games, Work)

Well I quit my job mid December at the gaming centre, I was tired of being the blame of a lot of things that were out of my control. I find it funny that a lot of my co-workers are leaving for greener pastures, as they should. And around that time, I was offered a job at a local comic shop. I didn’t ask for one, I merely mentioned that I was quitting my other job, and then I was contacted on Facebook as to whether or not I wanted a job at the downtown location. I wasn’t planning on looking for a new job until the new year, but hey, if the opportunity rises, then why not? I’m enjoying it, haven’t had any major problems with customers or work and stuff. Well there’s the one annoying guy for Friday Night Magic, I kinda hope he won’t be around a whole lot. I’m allowed to kick him out if there are any problems, and I know a lot of the guys are willing to help out for that too.

Working on a decent idea for a drawing, something my friend can hopefully sell when we go to the Calgary Expo in April. I think it’ll be a good idea, just want to get all the parts sketched out fully for her and either attempt to colour it on my own, or get a different friend to colour it. Dunno at the moment, I’ll have to brush (excuse the pun) up on my colouring skills in Photoshop.

Been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic lately, I’m enjoying it very much. I hope any future content, doesn’t lose sight of what makes it great, and that’s the story. The story is what makes it stand out in comparison to other MMOs, and that’s why I’m enjoying it. As much as I like DCUO (lifetime subscription was converted into a constant Legendary subscription), the story wasn’t really there, and they seemed to not have given it enough things for people who blaze through game content quickly. At least with ToR, I can go through other class stories if I choose to and the story would be different.

I gave up on Final Fantasy XIV a long time ago, while yes I can either solo or duo in that game, it’s just way more fun if there’s a fuller party to adventure with. Having it be free for so long, just didn’t really compel me to want to play it often, because I knew it was there, and didn’t feel like I HAD to play to make the subscription feel worth it. Now they’re charging for FFXIV, and I don’t know how I really feel about that. I didn’t renew, I know my one friend is probably disappointed, but she didn’t really bug me and the fiancé to play that often. So she got ahead of us by A LOT. Then we just had other things that were more fun to play, and if I’m going to be playing a MMO, I want to do it in large bursts, rather than little bursts that I can do with other games. I just doesn’t feel like progress if I only play for 30 minutes.

If you want a quick card type game, might I suggest “Kittens in a Blender”? It’s a simple game of keeping your own kittens out of the blender and putting your opponents kittens into the blender and blending them so they lose points. It’s a quick game, and the kittens are too cute to want to blend. As simple as it is, I probably wouldn’t want to play this with kids or kids present in the room, because of the horrific idea of blending a kitten…

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Holy busy life!

November 11, 2011 at 9:18 am (Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Work) (, )

So at work, our server decided to die and the manager is on vacation, and I have no idea how the hell to fix anything. Thankfully one of my co-workers does know what he’s doing, so I’m just providing the cheerleader spirit, rah rah rah gooooooooooo team! Surprisingly this isn’t a “omgiwanttokillpeopleatwork” at least not yet. I haven’t had to work when there isn’t a till or server yet, and here comes the long weekend!

I managed to finish my 1k army for Grey Knights, you’d think that with only like 13 models I’d be done quicker… but no, not at all, it took me awhile, and I don’t have a very good reason why it did. They look good in my opinion, very… grey like :P I just need to seal my paladins and I’m pretty much good to go for any 1k games. I’m going to be taking a break from Grey Knights and start working on Fantasy and most importantly Dreadfleet.

I say that Dreadfleet is important because it’s my fiancé’s Christmas present from himself for me to give him (I didn’t want it lest I incur the wrath of my mother). So I’m trying to paint all these ships, thankfully he’s going to be painting some too, but he wanted me to paint a fair amount of it, but man some of them are so intricate! I am SO thankful that the details are already embossed on the ships so all I have to do is paint them well.

I don’t know if I mentioned that we’re doing Fantasy as well, but we are. I chose Dark Elves because I wanted a dragon… that’s really the only reason. I wanted the closest thing to an “all dragon” army as possible. And Dark Elves have War Hydras, I just really hope they aren’t planning on updating Dark Elves any time soon because I already bought my entire 2k and most of my 3k army. I finished my dragon and can be seen here. I haven’t taken a picture of the full thing yet, but that’s pretty much it right there. Started to slowly work on my Cold One Knights, so we’ll see how it goes.

That’s the major skinny on everything, that and I’m sometimes too lazy to even bother posting a blog post :P it’s not like anyone reads this anyways. I don’t really provide much different insight on anything anyways nor am I very funny. So, thanks to the people who do read this?

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Updates on stuff

September 5, 2011 at 9:57 am (General) ()

So my room has been in the progress of cleaning for awhile… I’m one of those people that will leave a mess as long as I know what’s in that pile. I’ll clean at work, but mostly because that affects other people than myself, I would never tell someone to try to find something in my room without knowing the exact pile it’s in. I get distracted easily, I say that I’ll go clean up my room then wind up mindlessly going onto the internet for awhile watching youtube videos.

I know I have to rearrange my room, because I’m getting a different bed, so I need to clear the floor before I move any desks, bookcases, etc. I’m not looking forward to the day I’m moving out… I have WAY too much stuff >_< at least this is letting me get an opportunity to make a “garage sale” box for the future.

I’ve been slowly putting up some of my old stuff onto my deviantArt account, no comics yet, I’ll do that soon, probably after I’m done cleaning my room. Been putting up some new stuff, it’s nice that it has made me a little more motivated to draw stuff, I know I won’t be as good as a lot of people on there but there’s at least a place for me to post some of my stuff ^_^ I’m glad that the people whom I drew LoL characters for liked their pictures, so that gives me the warm fuzzies inside ^_^

Back to cleaning… for real this time.

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Stupid Foreign Kid

August 22, 2011 at 12:54 pm (Work) ()

Ok, I know the title makes this sound bad, but honestly, it’s the most polite thing I can call him. I merely have to say “Stupid Foreign Kid” and everyone that I work with, knows who I’m talking about. My very first interaction with this kid was him ordering a couple pizzas from us.

“I wanna order 2 pepperoni pizzas!”
“Ok, it’ll take about an hour to cook both of them.”
“What, it’ll take that long?!”
“Yes, because I have to cook them one at a time, or something breaks, or neither of them get cooked fully.”
“Oh ok”
He proceeds to throw his money at me, and walks away.
Five minutes later, he returns while I’m on the phone.
“Did you order the pizzas yet?”
“No, I did tell you that I have to cook them.”
“And it takes an hour?!”
“It takes about a half hour for each of them.”
“Oh ok.”
He walks away, and I faceplant on the desk because what’s going on thinking, “Why me, I can’t handle this kind of stupidity today!”
I look up to see that he has come back, he took like maybe about 5 steps and then returned.
“Bring the first pizza when it’s done!”
“Yeah that was the plan…” thinking, “you know what I’m going to leave the first pizza to cool off while the other pizza cooks.”

Everyone else has had equally annoying experiences with him. During tournament shifts, he is quite annoying. While I don’t knock his enthusiasm, it’s great to have some passion for a game, but when you’re constantly pestering the worker to run a tournament, it’s taxing on the person.

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Random updates!

August 20, 2011 at 11:48 am (Comic, D&D, General, Magic, Video Games, Warhammer 40k)

I know not a lot of people read this, actually I’m pretty sure no one really reads this, but whatever, I can use this for general purposes. And just in case there are people, then here’s the updates!

  • I joined deviantART (finally), so you can check out my comics here when I finally upload them. I will put my random pieces of art (if you can call it that) in there when I upload them up again. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to join the site. Maybe I was apprehensive about it because I know I’m not as talented as A LOT of people that use that site. But then i thought about it some more, and I don’t really care anymore, it’s just how it goes.
  • I will be making a page for my decklists for Magic :) mostly for my archival purposes or something, and it’s fun breaking down my decks at the same time (current deck count is 26!)
  • Going to be doing a couple reviews in a bit, on the video game front: Catherine, and on the boardgames front: Quarriors. I guess I never really had a boardgames review before, but I’m going to be starting now! Granted I don’t have THAT many random boardgames but the ones that I do have, I enjoy :D
  • I have changed armies temporarily in 40k I have picked up Grey Knights for now because my model count is considerably lower than using Tyranids. Which means I should in theory have my 1000 point army done a lot sooner than I would with Tyranids, more on that later. I will take some pictures of what I have painted so far and post them up to Deviant Art! So be sure to follow this blog and/or my DA account for those pictures
  • My group hasn’t really been playing D&D lately, mostly because we were either gone for the weekend, or just too braindead to think about playing, we currently have a boss battle on pause, and it’s the very first fight we are employing the hybrid format.

That’s about the major crux of everything. Just been busy with other things, and updating this usually is the last thing on my mind, but I will try my best to update this on a regular basis, to anyone who cares.

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Current D&D/Magic Rules

March 6, 2011 at 11:23 am (D&D, Magic)

So continuing from my post of why in the world I created this hybrid, here are the rules. Reminder that we are playing 4th edition, it may or may not work in other editions, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. If anyone wants to use my rules as a base to build off of it, leave a comment and let me know how it goes! Also if there are any questions, leave it in the comments and I’ll answer’em!

General rules


  • All players are assigned a “soul idol” that represents the player and is the source of power for Magic
  • Undefended idols are open for direct hits
  • A player is considered defending an idol if they are adjacent to the idol, so all incoming attacks either by creatures or other players must be made against the player
  • Like in Magic, creatures have the option to block incoming damage from other creatures made against the player/idol


  • Creatures vs creatures is done normally in accordance to Magic rules
  • Creatures attacking players cannot be blocked by the player or hit by the player unless they have a counterattack of some sort
  • Players attacking creatures automatically hit, but take damage equal to the creature’s power if the player is in melee range or if the creature has reach and/or flying
  • Player vs player is done normally in accordance to D&D rules but damage is reduced to only the base damage roll
  • Players can only attack flying creatures if they have ranged attacks


  • Creatures can block if able
  • Creatures other players control can block for other players, unless the player is being a specific target of a spell or ability
  • A player may only block for another player if that player does not control any creatures


  • Attacking creatures are to be placed near the idol or player they are attacking in order to signify who they are attacking, placement of creatures is very important since it can help players with flanking against other players
  • Creatures with vigilance will temporarily go off attack the player/idol/creature and will return to their home idol to be ready for incoming attacks


  • Each land is summoned into a square near the idol within a 5×5 burst, and is represented by a mark on the mat
  • All land is treated as difficult terrain
  • All land provide partial coverage (incoming attacks take a -2 penalty to attack rolls)
  • All lands have a 10% chance of stopping the turn of the enemy player (the flavour text below)

Forest – a tree blocks your view
Swamp – you fall into muck
Island – you sink into the water
Plains – you are blinded by bright light
Mountain – slip on loose rubble

  • Multicoloured lands stack the bonuses
  • Unless the multicoloured land gives more than one mana at one given time, it is drawn in only one square
  • Creatures are not affected by lands apart from normal Magic rules

Magic Aspect

  • Players are allowed to play spells as normal in accordance to the rules
  • Only instants are allowed to be used if mana is free during the D&D phase of a player’s turn
  • Players are allowed to halt damage if they have a damage reducing spell available, ex Fog
  • Players are not able to cast spells vs players that affect creatures only, ex can use Lightning Bolt against another player but not Flame Slash

D&D Aspect

  • Players are allowed to use their skills/abilities during the D&D turn in accordance to the rules, they are only allowed 1 standard, 1 movement and 1 minor action
  • Players are allowed to use immediate interrupt abilities whenever as long as it is allowed by the rules
  • All standard actions impede a cost on a player

At will powers increase* a player’s health by the total number of surges the player has
Encounter powers decrease a player’s health by half of their surge value
Daily powers decrease a player’s health by the full surge value

  • Minor actions do not cost anything for a player to use
  • Movement is currently halved

*A player’s health cannot exceed the maximum in this manner

Deck Rules

  • 60 card decks (normal Magic rules applied)
  • Legacy legal (nothing on the banned list)
  • Decks are to be constructed with the following in mind

No Planeswalkers allowed
At most 1* Mythic Rare
At most 7* Rare
At most 12* Uncommon
1 free rare land can be used (subsequent rare/uncommon lands must be within your allowance)
Decks are to be constructed based on personality and role (leader, striker, etc) of the D&D character

*Cards can be traded down 1 Mythic -> 2 Rares or 4 Uncommon, 1 Rare -> 2 Uncommon, cards can be traded up for the opposite effect, 4 Uncommon or 2 Rares -> Mythic, 2 Uncommons -> 1 Rare


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Current Video Game Obsessions

March 2, 2011 at 10:01 am (Video Games)

Ok so I sometimes REALLY get into video games, and by sometimes, I mean I really like video games. I swear I have gaming ADD at times, I like starting new games, then leaving them for newer games.

League of Legends
I’m usually not into PVP games, I’ve tried Heroes of Newerth, not a fan of the competitiveness. I feel like HoN snowballs out of control if you make one mistake. At least in LoL you can die a couple times and not worry about it too much. I like that you can play games against bots so you can try out new champions. The only thing I like about HoN more than LoL is that all heroes are made available to you, not that it’s a horrible concept in LoL that you only get to play whatever you unlocked with your influence points or what is made free for that rotation. I do like that the rotation lets you try out new characters, and it helps you decide who to unlock with your points.

You can put actual money into the game, it’s not necessary, but honestly the way I look at it, if I’m enjoying the game that much, I want to support the developers because they’re providing an entirely free product. Otherwise I feel like I’m stealing a little bit considering how much I play and enjoy it.

We have a work team and are now dubbing it The Breakfast Club, mostly because we usually always play Sunday morning after breakfast, it’s a lot easier to talk to each other and yell when we’re getting attacked. We’re very loud in the morning…

DC Universe Online
My fiancé and I bought a lifetime subscription for  it, we figure that Sony Online will keep it up for at least a year to make it worthwhile, I don’t have to worry about monthly payments, and I don’t feel like I HAVE to play for a set amount of time. So, like I stated in my LoL blurb, I’m not a fan of PVP, in fact I’m sure I would get VERY frustrated if I was on a PVP server, and I’m thankful that there is an option for a PVE server. I usually switch between 2 heroes right now, Detective Sparky (had to get changed to DetSparky because I can’t have Detective) and Jill Valentine (yes based on the video game character).

Dead Space 2
I just finished this the other day on casual (because I wanted to finish it quick), and this way I can start hording my gear and upgrade as I move up the difficulty ladder. By the time I finish it on Zealot I should be well equipped for Hardcore. I’m just taking a small break from it right now, but will continue it soon. I’ll be doing a review of it soon (for anyone who cares).

Radiant Historia
I actually almost missed this gem entirely, in fact I didn’t know about it until my best friend asked if I picked up the new Atlus game. I’m a sucker for almost everything Atlus. But this game is AMAZING, I like the aspect of the time travel to go back and do different things with the storyline. If you’re a fan of JRPGs I really recommend this. I <3 my DS

Pokémon (soon to be renewed)
I’ll be starting Pokémon up soon again since Black and White are coming up. I decided to get White because I like the exclusive list more than in Black. That and the goth thing looks funny… I’d rather have a cottonball. The only thing I wish White had that Black has is Houndour. Houndour > Poochyena, not that I was going to probably use either, but still. Well actually I probably would have used a Houndour because he’s fire/dark. Anyways, doing my usual start of getting all 3 starters in the beginning, because I don’t really like picking favourites :p

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, a lot of things on the go though!

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I Welcome into the World my DnD/Magic Hybrid!

March 2, 2011 at 9:21 am (D&D, Magic)

Alrighty, so my D&D group tends to suck the big one when it comes to boss battles, but at the same time I don’t roll well against them either. So, I came up with the idea maybe we’ll add in Magic somehow so then we’re not sacrificing our time playing either game.

So, taken from my written document:

Why combine Magic the Gathering and D&D 4th edition?
The major reason why this is being looked into is so that it eliminates the major possibility for drawn-out battles due to poor rolling. This mechanic is to hopefully speed up the large battles, and make it different than just a numbers game.

Players hopefully no longer feel useless if they constantly roll badly, and on the other side of the coin, players don’t have to rely on “card luck” because they can attack normally. Players don’t need extensive knowledge of how to play Magic or how to build decks, but basic knowledge of how to play is needed. As long as a “veteran” Magic player is present, they can help with the more complicated nuances.

Cooperative nature helps players with “slower” decks build up and eventually provide support. D&D part may help the longevity and increase higher chances of survivability if you get a “bad draw”

A dynamic version of Magic is created with figures representing creatures/objects summoned.  Strategy should be in mind when placing creatures for flanking purposes. There is more “action” because there are dangers from both systems that players must be on the lookout for.

Also the major reason why this was looked into was because we wanted to continue the D&D story but at the same time deal with our Magic addiction. So we can now play Magic while able to progress the D&D story, we’re killing two birds with one stone this way.

I’ll post up the rules in another post.

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New Hobby

September 30, 2010 at 11:38 am (Warhammer 40k) ()

Ugh, you know the major turnoff for me about Warhammer was that it was an extremely expensive hobby. Honestly, if you were making me pay that much, at least have coloured pieces like normal model kits. I wasn’t originally going to get into it, but my fiancé used to play a lot back in the day, so he had a lot of stuff left from that time. A couple guys at work were starting up along with some customers, and I got talking with them, so I got Chris to join in with them just so then he would have someone to play with. Chris offered to help me with my starting army, and I told him that the only way that I would agree to that would be that if I didn’t like the game that he would play as that race. He agreed to the terms as long as I did the painting, and to be honest, that’s really the only reason why I really wanted to start Warhammer 40k, I really wanted to paint them, at least the really cool stuff anyways.

I didn’t really want to play with Eldar, Space Wolves or Imperial Guard (Catachans), but I still did want to play. I kinda looked at some of the other races/factions, and working with what was already taken by the others I decided on Tyranids because they reminded me of Zerg and would probably suit my playing style of rush in and hack at everything until either I died or my enemy died. I was warned that Tyranids are expensive and time consuming to play as, and man are they ever. They’re expensive in the sense that you need a fair amount of them to be able to field a large enough army, and time consuming in the sense that it takes a VERY long time to paint them… They have a lot of different quirks, but they’re still enjoyable, I’ll post pictures I have of my singular units that I have painted later.

I decided that I didn’t want go with a traditional colour scheme for the Tyranids because I wasn’t a huge fan of any of them, so I decided on my own colours. I went with a white base (skull white) for any skin/bone parts, and whenever there was chitin, it would be a dark blue (regal blue) with a light blue (ice blue) highlight, in between bones and any sort of talon I used a dark orange (blazing orange). For any eyes I used a bright green (scorpion green), I used a different glossy orange for brain/internal type organic type parts (tamyia brand orange).

I’m only done about one model of each unit that I own, I’m missing two models to represent a squad (Tyrant Guard and Carnifex), but I only really use the Guard in a 1000 point game and the Carnifex in a 1500+ game. Neither of which I have played yet. Well I played a 1000 point game, it was kinda a clusterfuck due to the VERY small playing area, but I did it to try out my new baby at the time. I <3 my Mawloc, it’s so much fun, slightly impractical, but gosh, burrowing under then popping up to wreck havoc is SO much fun.

I’ll post up pictures when I get a better quality camera to use other than my phone. I’ve played a couple games, I’ve lost a couple games, but we were also forgetting some other rules that I got to use, so those outcomes could have probably been a little different.

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